I have been the instructor of record for:

Contemporary Philosophy of Science, held online due to COVID-19.

Introduction to Symbolic Logic, held online due to COVID-19.

Logic and Probability, offered in a 5-week Summer Session that meets twice a week in 3-hour trunks.

I have served as a teaching assistant both at SFU and at UCI. See my CV for a list of courses I’ve TA’ed.

Teaching Philosophy

Philosophy provides students with skills to deal with complexities in the world. These skills include: recognition of the profound impact a seemingly-small problem may have, ability to see the nuances of multiple sides without losing the broader thread, willingness to engage with different perspectives to have productive conversations, etc. These are skills one acquires and develops through practice. The goal of my teaching is to offer such practice. More specifically, this means: highlighting modern relevance of past philosophical debates, assigning repeated low-stakes thinking exercises, and fostering a non-threatening discussion environment.