Community Engagement

Service to the anglophone community

Service to academic philosophy societies

Together with Chrisy Xiyu Du, I created and continue to maintain, a Mastodon instance for researchers and teachers whose work engages with philosophy.

In 2022, I was elected as the junior co-chair for the PSA DEI Caucus. The position lasts for 4 years (2 terms).

Service to students

I co-founded Wonder Philosophy, a workshop and resource pool for students wanting to know more about philosophy graduate school. Read an interview with the APA blog here.

Note: I won’t be directly involved in organizing in the near future, but I’m happy to provide organizational support for people who’d like to start their own workshop. I also own the website and so can provide advertisement space.

Podcast about Humanities scholars in alt ac careers

I host a podcast, Off Campus, that interviews people with postgraduate training in the Humanities who works in alternative-to-academia careers. If you are/know someone who fits this description and would like to share your/their journey as a Humanities scholar in the alt ac world, please let me know!

Service to the Chinese community

Articles about academic life

I’ve written a number of articles about my journey through academic philosophy, including information about how to apply to grad school, tips and pitfalls in writing research papers, what the job market is like, etc. They are archived on my WeChat official account, @Scatteredplot. You can also find me on the sinophone philosophy forum Aspasia, created by Ding.


Panel series on demystifying academia, at Women Overseas

Together with Chrisy Xiyu Du, we hosted a number of panel shows where Chinese women academics share experiences and advice about various aspects of their academic lives. The panel series is part of the sinophone women community, Women Overseas (YouTube, podcast).

我和Chrisy一起在海外华人女性社区,Women Overseas她乡,上面组织过一系列【她说x学术圈】活动,邀请学术界的姐妹来分享她们的生活经历与感悟。和其它的【她说】活动一样,我们的活动以网络圆桌讨论会的模式进行,事后会于她乡微信公众号【WomenOverseas她乡】上发布文字稿,以及她乡播客(Spotify小宇宙YouTube)上发布音频。目前已有以下这些:

这一期的话题是学术圈内的Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI)工作。学术圈是一个非常白、直、男、固守传统的地方,然而这并不妨碍很多姐妹们为了自己和其她弱势群体努力发声,努力营造出更友好包容的环境。