I am an Assistant Professor at Simon Fraser University Department of Philosophy.

My research is in the philosophy and methodology of the social sciences. I am interested in both philosophically-informed-science and scientifically-informed-philosophy. Basically, my projects will try to do one of two things: 1) identify a methodological concern discussed by social scientists and see if providing a philosophical analysis can help the dialogue make progress, or 2) identify a philosophical thesis that seems to involve factual claims about the social world and ask whether the social sciences are equipped to supply them.

I can also be persuaded to undertake/supervise projects in philosophical logic, philosophy about machine learning, game and decision theory, most areas of technical philosophy, and historical topics around the Vienna Circle.

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I received my Ph.D. in philosophy from the Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science at UC- Irvine in 2021. I possess a MA degree in philosophy from Simon Fraser University and a Bachelor’s in both psychology and philosophy from the University of British Columbia.

I host a podcast, Off Campus, on alternative-to-academia career paths for people with Ph.D. or almost-Ph.D. in humanities disciplines. You can listen here, or on most major podcast platforms. I’m always looking for interviewee suggestions.

Together with Chrisy Xiyu Du, I created and continue to maintain fediphilosophy.org, a Mastodon instance for researchers and teachers whose work engages with philosophy. We welcome new users! For a beginner’s guide on Mastodon and the server, please see here.


My email address can be found on my SFU faculty page.

Sometimes my information is listed under my legal first name “Yuting”.

I am on PhilPeople but I don’t check it much. My Mastodon handle is @kinozhao@fediphilosophy.org. This is the main social media site I use.

I am not on Academia or ResearchGate. I am on Twitter for now but will slowly phase it out.