My research interest includes general philosophy of science, philosophy of statistics, and philosophy of social science. My work examines social-scientific practices from the perspective of statistical analysis. Since a scientific method is only good insofar as it generates data that enables valid statistical inferences from which conclusions suitable to inform real-world applications can be drawn, philosophical discussions of scientific methods must not lose sight of data analysis and real-world application. For more information, please see research.

I have secondary interests in epistemology (both formal and traditional), machine learning, and logic.

I received my Ph.D. in philosophy from the Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science at UC- Irvine in 2021. I possess a MA degree in philosophy from Simon Fraser University and a Bachelor’s in both psychology and philosophy from the University of British Columbia.

I run the philosophy of science blog, Asymptotic Philosophers, with Chris Mitsch from LPS.


My email address is: yutingz3@uci.edu

Sometimes my information is listed under my legal first name “Yuting”.

I am on PhilPeople and Twitter but not super active. I am not on Academia or ResearchGate.